About Us


My name is John Dillon, I run a farm in Southland with my wife Rozanne.  I also run a seasonal contracting business dry hiring Direct Drills to farmers.  We run a fleet of Duncan and Taege direct drills and cover all of Southland and have some customers in South Otago.

With our Direct Drills hire fleet and other daily farm work, I had difficulty connecting hydraulic hoses due to excessive oil pressure. This involved hitting the ends of the couplings on whatever I could find and often damaging them. 

It made sense to solve this problem and I came up with the Quick Release Saver (QRS).

We’ve perfected a very high-quality design and had this design pressure tested to 5000psi. It works extremely well and has a very wide application. The QRS is useful for Agricultural Implements, Forestry, Transport and all kinds of Industrial applications. It is of use to anyone using hydraulic hoses with quick release couplings anywhere in the world.

To see it in action watch here:


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